Moonbeam is finally here.


I can’t believe that Moonbeam is finally here. Oh my word. It was on pre-order for almost three months and although plenty has told me not to put Moonbeam on Pre-order, I just had to know how many readers are truly excited for this one.

I was shocked by  the number of pre-order I got and it was only from one online site, Amazon. I didn’t even know what I was looking at with all the other online sites as most of them only reveal it on the day it’s released,  meaning today. I get that it hurts rankings on these sites and yes, I probably won’t get my yellow banner as I got with all the other novels, but, and here is a big but, to me I really don’t care much for the ranking system. Sorry to say it, yes, it’s nice to see the yellow banner, and being first in a category is a lot. But I do it just to see the pleasure on my readers faces, knowing that there is a set date and they don’t have to wonder when it is going to be published.

Oh for those of you who didn’t know, I do write under my pen name Adrienne Woods, and The Dragonian Series has made me an international best selling author, I should put that on my covers, don’t you think.

So yes, super excited to finally shout that Moonbeam is here. I really loved writing this one, and I can’t tell you enough that I hope you will love it too.

If you waited until now to hit that get me the damn book button, here is your chance. Go get your copy now.


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