Guardian of Monsters: Aswangs

As all of you know my Guardian of Monster series hit the shelves early next year. I’m starting off with the Witches. The Benders, which is about a certain witch race and their guardians. The witches have different race of witches and I am still pondering whether I am going to write about them all or just about Alex and Ethan. Decisions, decisions…

Then the second part of the Guardian of Monsters Series, is actually a series I started with when I decided to become an author. But because of the market being so overwhelmed with Vampires and Werewolves, the series took a back seat, and found a wonderful spot in The Guardian of Monsters Saga.
The Aswangs, which is half werewolf, half Vampire, get a five book series that will form the Vampires and Werewolf side of The Guardian of Monsters Saga. They even have two Novella’s that adds to the series. I am at the moment busy rewriting and reworking the Aswang series so that it fits perfectly in with my other monsters.

The Jinn’s get a three book series and this is actually just called the Guardian of Monsters. As it was the original story of this series. Where we follow the Prince of all the Jinns and his guardian, Calista, which can turn into a crow.

All I need now is a story about the shifters. So lets hold thumbs that one will come soon.

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